Explore the pristine nature of Japanese Alps

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The snowy valley, the flower gardens above clouds, and lines of mountain ridges spreading in front of you. This is your next step.

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Enjoy the view

It’s not just climbing up to the top of mountains. The best part of climbing the Japanese Northern Alps is to enjoy watching the snow, animals and alpine flowers.

Mountain Range

Unlike those single peak mountains, walking along the line of mountain ridge makes you feel like you are walking on the road in the sky.

Four Seasons

Green trees and grass in summer, warm colored autumn foliage… Japanese Northern Alps keep changing its color and appearance as the seasons pass.

Don’t forget!

Submitting your climbing registration and preparing your luggage is of course important, but also you don’t want to forget to build your stamina and make yourself ready.

Submit your climbing registration.

Climbing registration is a very important document to let people know your plan. When accidents happen, it will be a clue to find sufferers and help to save more lives.


Protect our beautiful nature!

Japanese mountains are very beautiful, but at the same time, the soil is very soft and easy to get damaged. To protect our precious nature and to climb safely, please follow the rules and appreciate the beautiful mountains.

What to wear, what to prepare

Don’t forget to bring comfortable climbing shoes, rain pants and rain jacket. It would be better to bring flashlight even you plan to climb during the day time.