To all those who climb our beautiful mountains.

To all those who climb our beautiful mountains.


Hakuba in the Northern Japanese Alps area is great place to enjoy trekking, hiking and mountaineering. In their upper parts, however, the Goryu Toomi area (to Kotoomiyama), the Happo One area (to Happo Ike), the Hakuba Daisekkei area (to Hakuba snow valley), and the Tsugaike area (Tsugaike Nature Park) become real mountaineering zones.

People entering these areas need to be aware of the increased danger, and to have sufficient equipment and mountaineering skill. In recent years, there have been a number of accidents involving nature rock falls in Hakuba Daisekkei (Hakuba Snow Valley). Visibility can be  bad in Hakuba snow valley then there is heavy fog, so climbers need to be especially careful not to fall or get lost and fall of rocks.

Guidelines for Safe Mountain Climbing and Nature Conservation.
1. Stick to the trail and do not enter grass fields or trample on wild flowers.
2. Don’t pick any of the plants. It’s’ also prohibited to catch insect or animals.
3. Take home all of your waste product including left-over food and cigarette butts.
4. Pitch your tent in the designated area only. *1
5. Mountain huts above the tree line have scarce reserves of rain water. Please help them by conserving water and not polluting the water source.
6. It is strongly prohibited to build fires in the mountains. Always double check that gas stoves or cigarettes have been fully extinguished.
7. Don’t feed wild animals. Don’t bring pets to the mountains.
8. Don’t use new trial markers, signs, or other graffiti to mark the way.
9. Check the course times before leaving and allow yourself plenty of extra time. The risk of lightning and likelihood that weather conditions will worsen in the afternoon makes it advisable to start out and arrive early. Mountain etiquette also requires you arrive at the hut by 4pm and groups that plan to stay should phone ahead in advance.
10. In case there is an emergency, submit a climber registration form at the trailhead box or directly to the police. Insurance is strongly recommended. *2 *3
11. In the unlikely event of a serious accident occurring Phone the police (#110) or contact the nearest mountain hut for help. Inform them of the location, nationality, and number of casualties and explain the situation. If a rescue operation is necessary the injured party will be liable for any costs incurred including the use of commercial helicopters.

*1 The camp site cost is per person NOT per tent.
*2 Map and compass are recommended.
*3 Before leaving home, download and print out a climber registration form.

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